Quality on Demand (QoD)

Customizable network APIs for instant improvements in connectivity, when and where you need it.

Our Quality on Demand (QOD) APIs provide you with the network experience you need, on demand. Part of our 5G suite of services, QOD gives developers the power to customize their network to give you the stability, bandwidth and latency you need, with the telecom knowledge and support of T-Mobile you want.

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Camara Compliance

All QOD APIs are Camara compliant. Build it once, deploy across multiple telecomm companies geographies.


All of our DevEdge APIs use PoP tokens, the latest in security standards. These tokens ensure that they cannot be reused and only valid from specific requestors for particular commands.

Reliable Mobile Data Connectivity

Improved consistency of mobile network connectivity and better network performance to help solutions work well even in constrained network conditions.

Browse Our QoD Profiles

Our preset QOD profiles are based on real world use cases to help you start building quickly. Whether you need a custom network to support increased video streaming needs or enhanced remote vehicle connectivity, we have a profile to meet your needs. Apply to the profile you're interested in to get started!


Remote Vehicle Maneuvering

Our Remote Vehicle Maneuvering custom network profile provides unprecedented connectivity between cars and remote drivers with significant improvements in jitter and latency. EMPTY EMPTY EMPTY EMPTY

Improved latency

Uninterrupted service

Enhanced commands and controls

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Extended Reality (XR)

Custom network profile to support network connectivity between XR devices (including Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) devices) and edge cloud server, reducing delay and giving real time status and monitoring of work.

Improvements in uplink and downlink

Reduced latency and jitter

Improved AR/ VR end user experience


Video Calling

Our Video Calling custom network profile allows for increased network performance, improved connectivity between your device and the app server by prioritizing the data traffic of the video app. EMPTY EMPTYPTY EMPTY

Consistent bandwidth while on the go

Consistent latency and jitter

Improved end user experience with video call quality

QoD Use Cases

  • Halo - Remote Driving

    Rent an electric car and have it delivered straight to you! Our QOD APIs make remote driving a reality with consistent low latency, low jitter and high throughput, even in crowded areas.

  • HoloLens - XR for Construction Inspections

    QOD APIs support extended reality (XR) use cases in the construction industry leading to cost reduction with site inspections. Overlay digital information and construction designs with the real-world with the consistency of QOD network customizations.

  • Matsuko - AR/ VR Meetings

    5G APIs like QoD help support holographic remote meetings with a stable network, opening the door to opportunities like HR training, meet your fans, and corporate meetings.

How to Get Started

Embark on your innovation journey with T-Mobile's Dev Edge. Access 5G, IoT, and Communications APIs effortlessly, explore documentation, and connect with our vibrant developer community. Accelerate projects, transform ideas into reality – code the future with Dev Edge.

Apply to the API you're interested in.

A member of our Developer Relations Team will reach out to you to learn more about your use case or business needs.

You will receive an email confirmation when you have been approved.

You will be prompted to Create an Account or Login to complete your subscription.

What developers say about Quality on Demand

  • Michal S.

    Head of Platforms

    “Matsuko develops spatial computing experiences, enabling users to connect and collaborate seamlessly as holograms in real-time. By leveraging the QoD API, we were able to improve latency, lower jitter, and increase bandwidth leading to significant improvements in network performance providing enhanced hologram quality and user experience.“

  • Ricardo Villarreal

    Director of Product Management

    "Microsoft collaborated with DevEdge to enhance connectivity for Siemens Energy’s use of Microsoft Remote Assist through 5G HoloLens. The QoD API was able to dynamically manage network quality and provide on-demand improvement in communications with a simple API call, which could be reversed when not needed."

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