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Learn more about our 5G APIs below providing customizable 5G network performance to give you the speed and latency you need when you need it.


Learn more about our hardware solutions below providing you with a path to go from IOT concept to building your IOT reality.


Learn more about our communication APIs below to let you use your T-Mobile number with any device or app and gives you access to T-Mobiles customer base and network.

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Automotive Industry

Explore our cutting edge API's in action. From the automotive industry to augmented reality, we make it easy to customize our 5G network and telecom capabilities.

  • Halo - Remote Driving

    Rent an electric car and have it delivered straight to you! Our QOD APIs make remote driving a reality with consistent low latency, low jitter and high throughput, even in crowded areas.

  • HoloLens - XR for Construction Inspections

    QOD APIs support extended reality (XR) use cases in the construction industry leading to cost reduction with site inspections. Overlay digital information and construction designs with the real-world with the consistency of QOD network customizations.

  • Matsuko - AR/ VR Meetings

    5G APIs like QoD help support holographic remote meetings with a stable network, opening the door to opportunities like HR training, meet your fans, and corporate meetings.

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Network Slicing for Developers Nationwide

We didn’t just build the largest, fastest and most advanced 5G network so our customers can immediately benefit from the improved performance. We also want our network to serve as a platform for innovation,” said John Saw, EVP and Chief Technology Officer at T-Mobile. “I am so incredibly proud of my team and our partners who are pioneering new technologies like network slicing so we can help bring the true promise of 5G to life.

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